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This is the most delicious food on the island. I highly recommend the pancakes, smoothies, and hashes and for dinner, the steak salad is amazing ... read more
Student Madeleine Pallotta via - Oct 21, 2020
Visited on a day trip, September 2019
Visited on a day trip, September 2019 to MV while a friend stayed with us on The Cape. We happened upon this sweet spot for brunch. It was lovely to watch the planes as we dined on the patio. Great view, delicious menu and friendly...service!More ... read more
zFalcon via - Sep 26, 2020
I had the Spiced Chickpea Stew. It was delicious! The quality and variety of ingredients used were great, and the portion size was bigger than I expected. Usually restaurants in the area overprice or have small portions, but this place does not cut corners. They offer top notch food at the price they should be at. Their covid regulat ... read more
Ben Henry via - Sep 22, 2020
Good food, different atmosphere this year, due to Covid-19 procedures.
Mike Coombs via - Sep 20, 2020
Great Breakfast Spot!
Had breakfast here during our stay in Edgartown. Dining is all outside (covid) at picnic tables and very well spaced. You order at a window and a masked server brings the food to your table in takeout containers. They have a very good system!!! You...can have breakfast (or lunch also I believe) in the sunshine and watch the small ... read more
Irish_in_NY via - Sep 19, 2020
Very delicious lobster roll plus you are entertained by the vintage airplanes.
Jennie Wobeter via - Sep 18, 2020
This place can't be missed.  Food ...
This place can't be missed.  Food is great and the airport is fun to watch.  I feel this is the best place on MV for breakfast or lunch.  Enjoy!
Bryan G. via - Sep 13, 2020
What a great view and atmosphere for families to enjoy. If you time it right, you might see some ta
What a great view and atmosphere for families to enjoy. If you time it right, you might see some take-offs and landings. Outside dining at this time only but it’s where you want to be anyway!!!!
Andria DeSimone via - Sep 6, 2020
Great location. Food is decent ...
Great location. Food is decent although very overpriced. Disappointed that although we ordered take out 20% tip was put on our bill and we had to remove it. Great views of aircraft.
Ma B. via - Aug 30, 2020
Little bit of a wait for amazingly tasty food in a fabulous setting.
Karen Hasterok via - Aug 21, 2020
Still as amazing as ever despite ...
Still as amazing as ever despite the challenges of Covid. We always love visiting Right Fork!
Lisa S. via - Aug 11, 2020
This place is great! Food it good and staff too. They had the best fried chicken sandwich and then they made it gross. Who puts blue cheese on a fried chicken sandwich? People would always talk about how it was one of the best they've had. So why change it it
... read more
Erin P. via - Aug 9, 2020
Fabulous food!  Great set up, right ...
Fabulous food!  Great set up, right by airfield nice day and experience for families with small children ... read more
Ivana G. via - Aug 9, 2020
Delicious Summer Breakfast!!
It was a gorgeous summer day and the airplanes were flying in and out frequently and our meal at Right Fork Diner was the cherry on top. Our food came out in a timely manner and my son couldn’t stop ooooing and ahing over his...More ... read more
magden5 via - Aug 9, 2020
Yummy yummy yummy! Great spot for food and rivals Art Cliff in quality, but wins because it’s right next to the airfield. It was so fun eating outside and watching the biplanes.
Kavin Shah via - Aug 7, 2020
So yo, about the arguably best ...
So yo, about the arguably best brunch spot on the Vineyard...
Right Fork Diner
...and about that Menemsha Omelette, with added lobster!
(Not many other places so affordable!)
...and did I note the mimosas?
...and a biplane in the side..
(The attitudes, adjustments to Covid, attention to service, are in stark contras
... read more
John A P. via - Aug 7, 2020
Good is fantastic!
Cindy Garcia via - Aug 4, 2020
Best breakfast in all of Edgartown! Loved the potatoes! The wait went by quick and the family loved the planes!
Elizabeth24R via - Aug 1, 2020
Me and my family were staying just ...
Me and my family were staying just a few minutes away and went for breakfast one morning. Everything about the experience was GREAT. After we ordered there was a short wait until the food came out and all of our food was very good - French toast was nice and thick, chocolate pancakes were yummy and had a good chocolate pancake ratio, ... read more
Jacob R. via - Jul 29, 2020
I usually rave about the Airport Diner. I tried the French toast and it was not toast, it was basically cake. Not a big fan. I will stick to the omelets in the future.
Jeff A. via - Jul 28, 2020
Innovative, fantastic food in an informal, fun setting
This "diner" is located at the Katama Airfield. When you park there, you'll think you're gonna have a hot dog and a boring burger. Prepare to be delighted. It's on the bike path, so if you bike, it's a fun way to break up your...More ... read more
tweetietraveler via - Jul 24, 2020
Cool spot for a drink exploring the area!
Cool spot for a drink exploring the area!
Josh Davis via - Jul 23, 2020
Great diner. They have some of the best breakfast selection on the island.
Robert DiPadova via - Jul 22, 2020
Great food with even better location! Situated on Katama Airfield, this diner offers more than most restaurants could, with front row seats to aircraft arriving and departing the airfield! With the beacj nearby too, this location can't be beat! Worth a visit on a beautiful day!
Gregory Goodrich via - Jul 20, 2020
Amazing breakfast!
Everything we had was delicious: pancakes, lobster omelette, avocado toast, brisket hash, brioche french toast. The view of the planes is a great experience! We’ll definitely go back!
juanitaborrero via - Jul 20, 2020
Great spot for plane spotting and enjoying great food. I would suggest going on a nice sunny day, because there will be more planes.
Cheeze via - Jul 17, 2020
While the food is pretty good , they are inconsistent with timing of orders. We placed an order online and was told it would be ready in approx 15- 20 minutes . We waited over 45 minutes and they clearly were filling onsite orders first.. Suggesting we wait until we get a text that it is ready makes sense only if you live 2 minutes ... read more
Michelle via - Jul 7, 2020
The hollandaise sauce was amazing! The BALT was solid. Great outdoor dining options on picnic tables overlooking the little airport.
Leia Davies via - Jul 1, 2020
Good, safe process for ordering. Picnic tables clean and managed well. GREAT experience for breakfast today, with entertainment 😊 ... read more
John Dugan via - Jun 28, 2020
Good food Good people ... read more
Clint Thompson via - Mar 11, 2020
Just lovely brunch at a lovely place
My boyfriend and I had brunch at Right Fork on our last day at Marthas Vineyard, before leaving, and it was great! Really cute small, looks like a family owned place thats been around forever and serves the best food. We both miss our meal...More ... read more
GinaPepperdelle via - Feb 20, 2020
Biplanes, grass runways and great breakfast food. Get in line, watch the planes, they'll text you when your table is ready. The Right Fork Diner gets 5 yums! 👍💫 ... read more
Rick Hamilton via - Dec 18, 2019
This past season of 2019 was just fine. It's fun to sit and watch small airplanes come in and out of the grass strip Airport. The only problem is there have been numerous changeovers in ownership over the past several years so it's hard to know what to expect from one year to another. As long as there is stability, the restaurant is ... read more
Michael Teiger via - Nov 23, 2019
Lovely breakfast!
Celeste via - Nov 8, 2019
Long wait time and a bit noisy due to airplanes coming in however, that’s also the attraction as you can pay for a bi-plane ride. Pancakes were amazing.
Nate Dennison via - Oct 26, 2019
Good every single time!
Vera S via - Oct 20, 2019
The coolest part of this diner is the view of the airfield. It was sooo cool to be able to see the planes up close and personal! The inside was much smaller than I thought it would be, cute and cozy. The outdoor seating felt bigger than the inside. Their breakfast menu was large and with nice variety of dishes. The service was slow ... read more
Foodlover Girl via - Oct 18, 2019
The coolest part of this diner ...
The coolest part of this diner is the view of the airfield. It was sooo cool to be able to see the planes up close and personal! The inside was much smaller than I thought it would be, cute and cozy. The outdoor seating felt bigger than the inside.

Their breakfast menu was large and with nice variety of dishes. The service wa
... read more
June S. via - Oct 18, 2019
Great food with horrible service
The coolest part of this diner is the view of the airfield. It was sooo cool to be able to see the planes up close and personal! The inside was much smaller than I thought it would be, cute and cozy. The outdoor seating felt...More ... read more
foodlovergirlny via - Oct 18, 2019
Good eats, great & interesting location, efficient staff/service...oooh, but do the Bi-plane ride BEFORE your flight...!!! 😎🤙🤢 ... read more
David S Nolan via - Oct 14, 2019
A wonderful place to eat that's never open lol. Hence four instead of five stars ... read more
k-9 King via - Oct 11, 2019
Biplanes and lobster rolls!!
What a great spot for a delicous lobster roll and to have Biplane Rides right there. We didnt take a bi plane ride but to enjoy watching them from the back patio was a highlight of our day at Martha's Vineyard!
Lisbeth R via - Oct 9, 2019
Lunch on a breezy sunny afternoon!
We were offered a table inside or out and chose the latter. It was wonderful on the deck, watching the planes and savoring what may be the last days of Indian Summer. Our waiter was very helpful in navigating the menu with our various allergies....More ... read more
jcfengshui via - Oct 7, 2019
Waitress was very attentive but not overbearing, food was great and waitress was stunning.
Michael Kilmartin via - Oct 3, 2019
Off the Beaten Path
We had never heard of the Right Fork before but were quite impressed. We arrived for breakfast on a Tuesday morning and had to wait briefly for an outdoor table. We could have been seated immediately inside. THe breakfast options were wonderful. Try the blueberry...More ... read more
Doug R via - Oct 2, 2019
We went for breakfast Sunday September 29th and without question it was the best breakfast we've ever had "hands down". Everything was absolutely delicious. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at this cute and unique restaurant. We'll be sure to visit there again on our next...More ... read more
AbingtonGirl via - Oct 1, 2019
Eight of us came here for brunch ...
Eight of us came here for brunch on a Sunday in mid September. We arrived around a little before 11am and told we would have an hour wait.

They have picnic tables and games (large Connect Four, corn hole) on the side of the restaurant, where you can sit and wait for your table while watching the planes come and go. Additional
... read more
Christopher D. via - Sep 27, 2019
Had a great time visiting Right ...
Had a great time visiting Right Fork Diner....and accompanying my friend who learned how to fly a plane with.....Captain Paul's Flight School and Tail Wheel Academy....Such a great guy....September 2019....
Boozie P. via - Sep 22, 2019
Delicious and delightful experience, off the beaten path a must for breakfast.
mary ann mascoli via - Sep 18, 2019
Fresh food and great service!
Bill Weil via - Sep 15, 2019
This place has amazing food. 2 ...
This place has amazing food. 2 of our group got the hash and I had the fried chicken eggs Benedict. Everything we had was out of this world good.
Colleen C. via - Sep 13, 2019
Fabulous service! Prevented double ...
Fabulous service! Prevented double dipping because of the newfangled card swipe machine! Great hot lobstah roll. ! Do not walk. Run to eat at this quaint grill!
Kirk S. via - Sep 12, 2019
Fried chicken Benedict. Perfect ...
Fried chicken Benedict. Perfect hangover cure! Mango mimosa also delish! Power bowls ordered too at my table. Happy guests all around! We will come here next time for sure.
Hillary N. via - Sep 9, 2019
What a wonderful place to land for lunch at MV!
We flew in with friends and found the Right Fork to be a great place for lunch. The food was terrific, the view of the airport and airplanes flying in and out was exceptional, as was the service. It is a busy place, so be...More ... read more
supercubber via - Sep 9, 2019
Very good breakfast and dinner!!! ...
Very good breakfast and dinner!!! Long waits/they do not take reservations.

Early morning and early dinners are best. You can relax and enjoys the sounds of the Vineyard. You can head the bi-planes taking off. Kids laughing.

Service is good. Food is good.

When finished, hop on your bike, get in the car or take a
... read more
D H. via - Sep 2, 2019
Ok, this is a MUST do when on Martha's ...
Ok, this is a MUST do when on Martha's Vineyard. Everything was perfectly prepared, fresh, and classics with a culinary twist that won't disappoint. Worth the wait on the weekends.
Linda L. via - Sep 1, 2019
Really enjoyed this restaurant ...
Really enjoyed this restaurant and the food is very good.

My wife had the Lobster Cob which she raved about. I had the Pulled Pork which was excellent.

Staff is great and very accommodating

Great location.
Jim J. via - Aug 27, 2019
Expensive but worth it. Try and book or be prepared to wait.
Belinda M-I via - Aug 25, 2019
Shhhhh! Don't tell the tourists, but this place is THE BEST BREAKFAST ON ISLAND EVAAAH!
Don Perry via - Aug 25, 2019
Casual fun!
Great family spot. Love that they take a reservation. Sit and eat and watch the small planes take off and land. Indoor and outdoor eating, ice cream too for dessert. Lobster salad was delicious. Steak salad plentiful but meat a tiny bit chewy. Pleasant service.
grame_13 via - Aug 25, 2019
Good food, typical island pricing. Painfully slow service, should include birthday cake it takes so long.
JJ MM via - Aug 24, 2019
There is no better breakfast spot ...
There is no better breakfast spot on the island than The Right Fork Diner which should be your 1st choice for breakfast or lunch. The Chef Special is always amazing except expensive.
Odis B. via - Aug 13, 2019
Make sure you order the French toast in a carafe of what's up buddy ... read more
A I via - Aug 12, 2019
Wonderful casual dinner near South Beach
Wonderful casual dinner at The Right Fork diner! I had the Lobster Cobb Salad which was huge and excellent (great lobster, delicious bacon and lots of salad)! My husband had Steamed Littlenecks that were in a wonderful in a fennel and chicken-apple sausage white wine...More ... read more
-RRandie via - Aug 12, 2019
Breakfast next to the planes!
We sat outdoors in the early morning and watched the biplanes take off. French toast is more than enough for one. You could easily share. My husband got the Katama omelet. He liked it, said it was a little bit oily. We heard the pancakes...More ... read more
abbyjrogers via - Aug 10, 2019
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